Samaritan Advanced Healthcare

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Meet Our Owner

Teresa Chang is the founder of San Jose, CA’s Samaritan Advanced Healthcare. She is a California certified acupuncturist who combines her passion for people with her advanced knowledge in traditional Chinese medicine.

Teresa is a devoted acupuncturist who strives to provide her patients with a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Through a variety of Eastern medicine techniques, she hopes to bring a different perspective to the standard traditions of Western medicine.

Teresa first encountered acupuncture through her own father who was a licensed acupuncturist in Taiwan. After hearing and observing many success stories from her father’s clinic, she developed a desire to learn the art of Eastern medicine herself.

Prior to her training in Eastern medicine, Teresa graduated and worked as a certified registered nurse in several hospitals in the Bay Area. Her experience in the psychiatric ward and hospital clinic taught her that while Western medicine is powerful, it does not always have the solution to medical problems. She reunited with her old desires to pursue Chinese medicine to search for new paths to cures and treatments that differed from Western medicine.

Teresa graduated from Five Branches University with a Master’s in traditional Chinese medicine. She expanded her knowledge through internships in acupuncture clinics around the Bay Area and Taiwan. Upon graduation, she opened her own acupuncture clinic to provide another avenue through which her patients’ quality of life can be improved. She hopes to show her patients how acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine can help rebalance the mind and body bringing a healthy, happy life.

Specializing in health and beauty, Teresa works with women of all ages. As an active line dancer and hiker, she hopes to be a resource for all women by providing acupuncture techniques that will enhance beauty. Her field, however, is not limited to health and beauty, as she also has training and practice in pain and management.

Teresa has an outgoing and enthusiastic personality and is always ready to help anyone in need. She is constantly searching for volunteer opportunities and internships in order to help enhance her own training.

Currently, she is pursuing a doctorate in Oriental medicine so that she can learn more about Eastern medicine in accordance with acupuncture. It brings her great joy to share her passions and serve her community.