Samaritan Advanced Healthcare

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At Samaritan Advanced Healthcare of San Jose, CA, we work hard to provide an exceptional level of service to those who come to us for concerns with their health. See what past and current patients have to say about our services.

“I have been dealing with back pain for over 20 years and have seen many different chiropractors and acupuncturists over the years. I can honestly say that I have never experienced a session like the one with Teresa Chang. I was referred to her by a friend who was raving about her services and how she was able to help both of her parents in just a few visits.

 Not only is she an amazing human being, she is also a very knowledgeable and thoughtful practitioner. She was not just treating the problem areas, she was analyzing what caused the pain and discomfort. By addressing the right areas, she helped reduce my back pain. I felt 60% better after just three of her treatments. Her #1 mission is to help patients (she actually cares and wants to help) and she dedicates as much time as needed. I am very optimistic about my recovery and am grateful that I have found such a wonderful medical professional.”

- Laura K.

“I came to Teresa through online search and I'm so glad I did! She is outstanding person and a great professional. I love my facial rejuvenation. My skin looks much younger than before. She uses only natural products and coconut oil in addition to her amazing gentle hands and needles. Also, what I like about Teresa, she really took the time to understand not only my skin concerns, but also my health concerns as well. She is very knowledgeable and sensitive to the needs of her clients. Teresa customizes the treatments depending on your current health problems. Always an enjoyable and relaxing experience, I have visited Teresa not only by myself, but also brought my family members. My mom had a knee problem. It was swollen and caused a lot of pain. Just in one visit the knee returned to the normal size and pain has been reduced dramatically. The place itself is clean, welcoming and well situated. I recommended Teresa to all my friends, we all agreed that this place is absolutely fabulous. Check it out for yourself, you will not be disappointed."

- Elena K., Los Gatos

“I highly recommend Teresa if you are having issues with stress and acne. Between graduate school and a full time job, I was having major acne problems, as well as constantly feeling tired. I tried every OTC topical cream possible, but none worked. My last resort was to take oral acne medication, which I did not want to do. I talked to my mom about my acne problems and she recommended Teresa to me. During my initial visit, Teresa was professional and thorough in obtaining my history and made me feel very comfortable. After each session, I felt more energized and alert. She also prescribed me herbal medicine to help flush out toxins from my body and release the ‘heat’ I had in my body. Three months later, I am back to my normal energized self and have not had an acne breakout in weeks! Thank you Teresa!”

“In the beginning of the year, I was having a lot of neck pain. I consistently took Ibuprofen to relieve my stiff neck and bathed my neck in BENGAY every day. I was unable to turn my head to left and right without feeling sharp pain along the side and back of my neck. After months of ignoring the pain, I finally made an appointment to see Teresa. After the first few sessions, I began to regain better range of motion. She also gave me stretches to work on at home. I was able to discontinue my daily use of Ibuprofen and BENGAY for the pain. I am sincerely thankful to Teresa for helping me regain full range of motion in my neck. I highly recommend seeing Teresa whenever you have issues with muscle pain.”

- Grace

“Dr. Chang first treated my complicated digestive system issues with acupuncture and herbal medicine which were considered complicated by western doctors. With three treatments in 3 weeks, my symptoms were significantly relieved. Dr. Chang continued to treat me with acupuncture once a month for 4 months. Since then I have been feeling as if I never had any issues with my digestive system. Dr. Chang also successfully treated my ankle pains with acupuncture subsequently. Dr. Chang is a good TCM physician. She is willing to spend time with patients and treating patients with various TCM methods with love and cares. Her sincere and holistic approach is truly a refreshing experience in contrast to other typical physicians. I am very happy to have Dr. Chang as my physician for future health issues.”

- Gary Y, Retiree